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Football League and Tournaments

Eagle Eyes Association has organised a number of football league and tournaments held in various locations in London. Thousand people attended. There were 11, 7 and 5 a side football tournaments for men and boys between 87 different nationalities from England. We also engaged football teams from different backgrounds in the City World Cup. Afghan football team managed to win and get the trophy. These were very successful events in terms of the number of participants and the involvement of different community groups’ participation in sport events. There were participants from Afghans, Asians, Middle East, European and African communities. Special guests from the government departments distributed the medals to the best players.

Sport Aims

  • Expand sports family.
  • Attempt to create and sustain new sports clubs.
  • Provide organised sports experiences.
  • Provide training and education.
  • Provide a route into affiliated sports.
  • Facilitate friendship through sports.
  • Improve health and well-being.
  • Develop personal, social and life skills.
  • Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Build employability skills and relevant qualifications.
  • Move participants into Education, Training and Employment.

Social Aims

Our sports projects will help community:

  • To reduce the feeling of isolation and exclusion experienced by marginalised groups.
  • To cultivate positive community relationships by using sports as a means of working together.
  • To improve social, mental and physical health through regular participation in sporting activities.
  • To increase voluntary activity through the provision clubs.
  • To increase employability chance by providing training and education and pathways into part/full time jobs in sport.
  • Our sports projects will help community by
  • Raise awareness of the barriers community face in accessing and participating in sports and leisure activities.
  • Raise awareness among community leaders about the role of sports and the positive impact of physical exercise on health, mental well-being, integration and community relationships
  • Build the capacity of community to develop, plan and implement sorts projects
  • Work with funders to raise their awareness of the role played by community in addressing the needs of refugees and the challenges they meet when raising funds for their project activities and programmes
  • Providing one-to-one advice and support sessions to community and helping them to fundraise for their sports projects
  • Organising sports development training sessions for community and refugee sports groups
  • Organising funding seminars focusing on fundraising for sports projects
  • Organising workshops for community leaders to raise their awareness of the role and positive impact of sports on health, mental well-being; integration and community relationships
  • Supporting refugee-led football teams to increase their participation in football leagues
  • Working with other sports initiatives to set up new refugee-led football teams and to build the capacity of existing ones

Barriers to Participation

  • Knowledge of structure of organised sports.
  • Links with organised Sports.
  • Access to good quality facilities for matches and training.
  • Limited expertise in coaching, managing and administrating football clubs.
  • Team kit.
  • Playing and training equipment.
  • Transport.
  • Perception that organised Sports is expensive.

Eagle Eyes Activities 2018 -2019

Master Ehsan Shafiq

Master Ehsan Shafiq

For tickets and boxing events through the year, please contact 07534 120757




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