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MJB - Maulana Jalaludin Balkhi (Rumi) School of Poetry and Literature

We established this school for Afghan youth living in London to teach them Afghan Languages, poetry and literature, we have named this school after the greatest Afghan writer and poet Maulana Jalaludin Balkhi Rumi (The God father of Dari poetry) who established the first school of Sofisim.

  • In this school we teach poetry and literature
  • Writing poems
  • Reading and translating Masnawi Manawi
  • Hosting nights of poetry readings

Mir Wais Khan Hotaki (Nika) School of Languages
This school was established to assess Afghan Community to remember their cultural basics and to have the knowledge of better understanding of their cultural backgrounds. This will help them to realise other cultures and be able to respect other nationalities as well. This school been working with Afghan Community as so:

  • In this school we teach History, Geography and Native Language to our students
  • We aim to make them aware of their cultural basics like their history
  • We support them with their learning difficulties and if they face any difficulties in their school mainstreams




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