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I would like to open this report by thanking all volunteers and members of the board of trustees whose commitment to the EEA is of the essence to its survival. Their commitment has given the organisation a stability in difficult times which has ensured its continued existence.

This is why I stand and speak out for individuals and all people who worked and dedicated lives for common goals of justice and freedom. I will use this opportunity to pay a tribute to millions of people across the globe who never give up hope but rise up all odds, especially civil socity activist. I am also thanking all gross root movements civil societies originations in many global areas, countries and regional duel’s that together increasingly influential actors and powerful changes that have been made and we are privileged to work with organisations that are working towards tolerant, moderation to solve problems . Today we are facing troubled and dark times. Mayor achievements of humankind are joint journey to universal recognition and realisation of dignity and equal rights of human family as a foundation of justice, freedom and equality. When tourists attack anywhere, at any time it reaches the brutality up most. Millions of people are living in poverty in conflict zones across the world facing abduction, atrocity, torture and execution. We are witnessing all these alive, we also recognise that our government and international communities fail to act properly and to lead the way to eliminate such problems, The greatest glory of living is that lives are never falling but it is rising at the time we fall. We have to stand up for human rights and for those suffering of wars, those at risk and those in miserable situations. We do not have any other options but the UN leading their way. All human beings need a role model, especially when they are still young.

The overall focus of EEA’s work is to increase access to main stream services that may improve the well-being of the community and facilitate their integration into society.

As founder of EEA it gives me great pleasure to inform you that in spite of the difficulties we have faced, we have managed to run the organisation and complete our projects successfully throughout the year and thousands of people have benefited from our various projects nationally and internationally.

EEA is a fast growing organisation and deal with increasing number of beneficiaries.

The day-to-day management and service delivery are carried out by volunteer Co-ordinator and committee. The current management structure consists of Coordinator, chairperson, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and other committee members.

As an organisation we welcome any one would like to be the trustee or management committee of the organisation if they can develop the organisation aims and objectives and provide help and support to people in need through their qualification, expertise and don’t have any other interest.

  • Overall administration
  • Financial management
  • Strategic management
  • Staff recruitment & supervision

Note: Throughout our hard work we have been contributing million hours and million of pounds for social and economic development in the country; in-fact we have not received any support from the UK government or funders in regard to the services we provide for many years (activities which are included in our website).

If you need any information or become involved with the organisation committee please contact me.


Heshmat Assadi
EEA Founder/ Chairman and coordinator




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